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Environmental Commitment



WA Fire Protection is committed to preserving the environment in pristine condition, will comply with any environmental legislation applicable to our industry and in support of this the following will apply.


We will do no damage to the environment and ensure that the correct use of chemicals, materials or equipment that we use be handled or disposed of by way of our Environmental Management System and ODS & SGG Management System.


The Company will comply with all relevant legislation and take whatever action it deems necessary to minimise any potential damage to the environment. Management will monitor substances that are deemed to be environmentally unfriendly to ensure that our objectives are achieved.

It is the responsibility of all employees to report pollution or the possibility of a potential threat of pollution to management so that appropriate action can be taken. The Hazard/Incident Report Procedure must be used for this.



Production and management of industrial products can result in quantities of waste that can be a threat to both public health and the environment. The disposal of such waste by traditional methods, disposal to landfill, is becoming increasingly unacceptable to the community, i.e. No Product to Ground. WA Fire Protection will, wherever possible dispose of waste via professionally qualified handling enterprises.

As a result of WA Fire Protections commitment to the Environment and the extreme damage that Ozone Depleting Substances & Synthetic Greenhouse Gases do to the ozone, the handling and disposal of these substances is dealt with separately under ODS & SGG Management System.


To ensure that as a company we do our best to find alternative and environmentally friendly methods of disposal for anything and everything we dispose of.

Waste Management - Responsibilities

Aims to reduce or eliminate the quantity of waste produced and so reduce the cost of waste treatment and disposal. Waste management also aims to minimise, contain and control waste so that any disposal of waste is done in a manner that is sustainable and acceptable to the community.

Every effort should be made to reduce waste production, and re-use or recycle/reprocess waste where possible.

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